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Cambridgeshire is my home, it has always been my home. As a little girl I would help my father (David Ellington) as he travelled the roads and villages of the Cambridgeshire countryside.


To me these aren’t just any roads and villages in Cambridge, I know almost every path of the land I call home, I’ve driven down these roads for years and now it is my turn to keep the farms, homes and businesses of Cambridgeshire pest and vermin free so that our agricultural and commercial heritage can continue profitably, safely and hygienically.


Farming, local buinesses and education are a vital element of the Cambridge economy – and at DRE Pest Control we play our part in supporting that vital economy by providing safe, effective and environmentially sensitive pest control services to our clients.


The farmland, homes and businesses of Cambridgeshire are safe – because we make it that way and whilst I am driving the roads following my fathers footsteps – it always will be!


DRE Pest Control, Cambridge – part of the community, part of the success of Cambridgeshire.


Jenny Humphrey - Managing Director, DRE Pest Control


DRE pest control - Jenny Humphrey