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How to get rid of woodworm


Left untreated, a woodworm infestation can cause substantial damage to property and furniture. You may not realise that you have a woodworm problem until the resulting damage becomes visible, this is because, Adult Furniture Beetles lay their eggs on untreated timbers and floor boards. The grubs bore straight into the wood - leaving no trace until they emerge as beetles three years or so later, usually between May and September.  


If left untreated, woodworm can seriously weaken timber and cause structural failure to timber.


How to spot a woodworm infestation?


  • Exit holes – Holes can be found all year round but often form from May to October.
  • Bore tunnels in wood – Tunnels in timber are the result of boring woodworm larvae.
  • Fine, Powdery Bore Dust – Woodworm beetles leave bore dust when emerging from timber.
  • Weak & Damage
  • Live Adult Beetles  
  • Dead Beetles – trapped adult woodworm beetles sometimes die.
  • Eggs – small and difficult to spot.
  • Creamy-white Larvae – referred to as woodworm grub

If you spot any of these signs, it's highly possible you have a woodworm infestation. At DRE Pest Control in Cambridge would advise a full site inspection to ascertain the severity the woodworm infestation and we will recommend a suitable cause of action.


To avoid serious damage to your property or funiture, it is important that a woodworm infestation is treated quickly and effectively by a professional Pest Controller.


Contact our BPCA Pest Technicians to arrange a site survey on 01954 230708 or 07789 502556





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