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Cockroaches - why are they so hard to kill?


It's often been said that if there was a nuclear explosion, Cockroaches would be the only survivors. Not strictly true, however they can endure hostile (even nuclear) environments much better than humans, which may help to explain why cockroaches are so hard to kill.


The mere mention of cockroaches sends shivers down the spine for most people.  They're not exactly the most loved insect. However, they are rather fascinating creatures. Here's a few interesting facts about cockroaches and their amazing survival abilities that you may not be aware of


Cockroaches are cannibals 

Cockroaches are not fussy eaters and will eat pretty much anything in their path, including other cockroaches. In times of famine or population explosions, cockroaches will snack on their own kind in a bid to control populations and ward off starvation. 


How to kill cockroaches


Cockroaches can not survive a nuclear explosion

Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches can not survive exposure to high levels of radiation, however they can endure higher levels of radiations than humans, but if the exposure is over 100,000 rads they will die. 


Cockroaches reach sexual maturity at 2 months of age

Cockroach population explosions are common, mainly thanks to their ability to breed at just 2 months of age. Coupled with an abundance of food, shelter and water the rate of breeding can reach epidemic levels. It's unsurprising then that cockroaches are attracted to the perfect breeding conditions our homes and businesses often provide.


Cockroaches run fast to avoid danger

Thanks to super sensitive hairs on their tails, cockroaches are alerted to motion and potential threats immediately and when a cockroach feels threatened they run, fast. Cockroaches can run up to speeds of 1.5 meters per second. The human equivalent is around 200 miles per hour, now that is super fast! 


Cockroaches can squeeze through tiny gaps

Like mice and rats, cockroaches access our homes and businesses through the smallest of cracks in walls, windows and pipework. Cockroaches are able to fit through a gap as small as a quarter of their body height by flattening their flexible exoskeletons and splaying their legs to the side. Ever wondered how a cockroach is able to survive being stood on? It's all to do with their amazing exoskeleton.


To find out why cockroaches are so hard to squish, check out this video from the National Geographic 



Cockroaches can survive without a head for a week

Yikes, not a pleasant thought. This is because cockroaches use spiracles (tiny holes) in their body to inhale and transport oxygen.  Coupled with the fact that cockroaches can survive without food for a month, they make for quite a formidable pest to get rid of.


Cockroaches are attracted to food that has been left out on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, and crumbs laying on the floor. Unlike other insects, cockroaches are a problem year round.


If you suspect you have a cockroach infestation in your home or business give us a call as soon as possible so we can investigate and deal with the outbreak.


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