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Protecting our Cambridgeshire homes and gardens from common UK pests is an important part of our pest control service to homes in Cambridge and the surrounding villages.   We have a good, longstanding reputation with the local residents and communities in the Cambridge and we have been operating in the UK pest control industry for 40 years.

Our Cambridgehire homes and gardens attract a multitude of insects, birds and animals, many of which are regarded as pests.  Reducing or preventing nuisance pests can be challenging and many homeowners find that the problem often reoccurs days, weeks or even months after treatment. 


Whilst ‘DIY’ pest control solutions, posions and products are available – in order to achieve the most effective, long term results, we recommend using a professional and highly trained BPCA qualified pest control company to do the work for you.

The most common pest problems found in homes are rats and mice in loft spaces, wasps nests in garden sheds, ants nests under patios, moles hills on lawns and other flying insects such as moths, clusters flies and if you’re really unlucky, cockroaches in your kitchen.

The best solution for dealing with pest problems at home is to call in your local professional pest control company, who are fully trained to handle pest control products and safely remove unwanted pests from your home.

DRE Pest Control, in Cambridge provides fast, reliable and effective safe domestic pest management solutions for pest infestations experienced by residents and homeowners all over Cambridgeshire. 
Our professional, BPCA certified local technicians are qualified to respond to your needs and resolve your pest problems.  


We are very experienced in controlling the UK’s most common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, bees, wasps, flies, wood worm, vermin, moles and bed bugs; and we are fully trained toethically, safely and effectively manage these pests; ensuring minimum impact to the local environment, wildlife and public health & safely.      

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We offer a 24 hour response service to residents and promise to be on site with 48 hours of receiving your call.  And because we are fully committed to our customers, we will ensure your pest problem is removed to your satisfaction – even if this requires subsequent visits (which will be included in the original quote – unless otherwise specified).