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Both commercial and domestic tenants expect their property management company to provide a pest-free environment for their clients. Untreated pest infestations can pose significant health risks to tenants and staff, and cause potentially thousands of pounds in damages to buildings and furnishings. In addition, poorly maintained properties could potentially result in a breach of tenancy agreement or loss of property contract, so it is vitally important pests are managed quickly, safely and regularly to prevent the problem escalating out of control. 

DRE Pest Control Cambridge work with a number of property management companies in Cambridgeshire, ensuring clients have rigid pest management systems in place all year round to prevent pest problems and we provide a bespoke solution that utlises the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which is safe, effective and convenient for you and your tenants.  

Our commercial pest management services not only target pest control but focus on pest prevention as well and we also offer a rapid response service for emergency call outs, where we aim to be on location within 48 hours of your call.   

Our Cambridge based BPCA qualified pest control operatives are fully trained and qualified to manage all pest infestations and will work with clients to ensure effective long-term measures are in place to prevent further pest outbreaks in rented properties across Cambridgeshire.

To find out more about how DRE Pest Control can assist your pest control requirements, please contact us on 01954 230708.

DRE pest control property management Cambridge

DRE Pest Control work with a number of Property Management Companies in Cambridge, ensuring that clients have rigid systems in place all year round to reduce pest problems.