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Ensuring effective pest management and pest control for pubs, restaurants, cafes and hospitality facilities in Cambridge is essential because they rely heavily on their reputation and word of mouth for success.  Poor customer experiences can have a negative effect on a catering business, so it is vital for owners to ensure their premises provide a clean, safe and hygienic environment for their customers.  


The catering and hospitality industry is heavily regulated by the EHO (Environment Health Office) and the Food Standards Agency and catering facilities are required all to comply with strict UK food safety & hygiene regulations. 

In 2008 the Food Standards Agency launched a programme called the ‘food hygiene rating scheme’aimed at helping customers make more informed choices about where to eat & drink and in turn encourages businesses to improve their hygiene standards.


Unwanted and nuisance pests can be a real problem for business in the catering and hospitality industry, so it is vitally important that strict procedures are in place to avoid outbreaks of pests and prevention is definitely better than cure. 


DRE Pest Control Contracts for Restaurants & Pubs are specifically designed to help manage the risks associated with pest control and food hygiene, which in turn help to improve your ‘food hygiene rating’. 

By appointing a local pest management company like DRE Pest Control in Cambridge, as your preferred pest prevention company, you will receive regular visits, all year round, from a dedicated Cambridge based pest control operative, who will offer you advice on pest prevention measures, compliance with health & safety regulations and provide better protection for your business.

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