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Pest control for ants

Ants are more nuisance pests rather than disease carriers, but it is impossible to know where they last fed so that you can determine what’s attracting the ants into your home and kitchen.


Pest management for bees

There are 250 different types of bee in England, of those 25% are on the endangered species list.


Cluster flies

Cluster flies are individual nuisance pests particularly in the autumn and spring when they arrive or leave their winter roost.



Fleas are a constant worry for pet owners. However much is spent on flea treatments, the pest always seems to appear. Flea infestations can come from other unchecked pets, wild animals nearby or even a walk in the country.


Pest management for bed bugs

Bed Bugs According to the media, bed bugs are becoming more common as we travel the world sleeping in many different beds.



Carpet moths may be found in a room, or cast skins/live larvae (white cylindrical shapes about half an inch long) may be found, especially around the skirting board area.


Pest control for cockroaches

Cockroaches are usually found in kitchens, cellars and hot water ducting. They thrive in high humidity, with a preference to darkened and damp areas. Within kitchens cockroaches are most commonly found behind broken tiles (including cracks and crevices) and within waste disposal areas.


Pest control for wasps

There are 2 varieties of wasp in the UK, the garden wasp and the European wasp.


Other insects

A quick guide to some of the less common insects.


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