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There are thousands of different species of ant, but in the UK the most common are:


  • Garden ants or black ants
  • Pharoahs Ants
  • Red ants

Garden ants or black ants

Garden ants (also known as black ants) are the most common ant in the UK.  They are very dark in colour and measure about 4mm in length.

These ants generally live outside under patios, in lawns and trees, but sometimes, usually whist foraging for food ants enter into schools, kitchens, buildings and often into our homes; accessing our property through doorways, windows or even cracks in the walls. Occasionally, an ant nest can inadvertently find its way into the brickwork of a building, specifically around fireplaces where the ‘worker’ ants forage for food inside the property.


In late July, as the humidity rises, black ants undergo change; newly designated queens and chosen males develop wings transforming into ‘flying ants’. The queen ants mate and seek new places to form their ant nests. If this occurs indoors it can be frightening and annoying, and expert help is often required to remove these newly formed ant nests.


Pharoahs Ants

These virtually opaque and very small ants are imported from the Far East and in require artificial heat to survive in the UK.  As a result, they are generally found in large heated buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, large kitchens and colleges.


Red ants

Red ants live in mounds and like open sunny spaces.  Colonies of 100 to 300 can be found under stones and paving or sometimes rotting tree trunks, in most gardens and they are equipped with a painful sting, so best not to be messed with.

If any of these ants pose a problem for your schools, kitchens or home it might be a good idea to call in the professionals.


Many amateur pest control products for insects can get rid of ants, specifically garden ants. But if they pose a nuisance within a school or kitchen it is best to call in the professionals.

If you have an ant nest in your garden or ants in your kitchen, contact you local, professional pest control company for advice.

DRE pest control ants Cambridge

DRE Pest control offer safe and effective pest management services to residents, schools, restaurants and hotels, helping to reduce and prevent the invasion of ants especially during the summer months.