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Hornets are in the same family as wasps and have a similar lifecycle. They are 18 – 25mm in length and build their nests in similar places to wasps; however the nest will only contain 400 – 600 insects. Hornets can become very aggressive if their nest is disturbed.


So, if you suspect you have a hornets’ nest, please contact us immediately.



A very common beetle found in the UK is the Pterostichus Madidus or Rain Beetle/Strawberry Beetle. They are a shiny, black flightless beetle and range from ½ to 1” in length.


These beetles are completely harmless to humans and houses, but can accidently find their way indoors and are often miss-identified as cockroaches.


Our advice is to collect them up and put them back outside or give DRE Pest Control a call if you are concerned.


Stored Product Insects

Stored product insects cover a range of beetles, weevils, and moths that infest food products such as wheat, grain and rice. These persistent pests not only cause damage to ingredients and finished products; they can also result in downtime, recalls, failed audits, and financial penalties.


In food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing you need constant vigilance to prevent contamination, protect stock and raw materials, and to comply with audit standards and food hygiene regulations.




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If you suspect you have a hornets’ nest, please contact us immediately.