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Rat infestations in your home or business can be a real concern, and getting rid of rats can be difficult without the right equipment or pest management training. Our BPCA certified pest controllers are experienced and knowledgeable, providing pest management solutions for your specific rat problem.  We provide effective and individually tailored treatment to remove rats from your home, farm or business. 


We appreciate you don't want a repeat infestation and offer expert prevention advice and effective deterrents for rodents, for businesses across Cambridgeshire. 

If you suspect rats in your loft or garden, or mice in your stored products contact DRE Pest Control in Cambridge and our professional and highly trained pest control operatives will work with you to implement long-term pest prevention measures for controlling and preventing further rat problems. 


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Description of a Rat

Rats are generally brown or dark grey, their body can be up to 10 ins (25cm), with their tail a further 10ins (25cm) long. A rat weighs on average 12oz (350gms) – 19oz (550gms) but they have been known to reach 32oz (900gms). Their droppings are dark and sausage shaped about ½ - ¾ inch (1 – 2 cm) long

A Rats Habitat

Rats tend to live where there is a food source, in the summer months rats are generally found out in the fields, rivers, farms and country parks, whereas in the winter they will forage for food left for them by humans, this includes bird feeders, farm grain stores, food storage areas and open rubbish areas.


  • Rats can travel up to a mile per night foraging for a food source and then go onto make a home for themselves and their families.
  • Rats tend to live in burrows, which can be found anywhere, compost heaps, under sheds, ditches, deep undergrowth and sometimes loft areas.



  • Rats can breed throughout the year if conditions are right. The gestation period is only 21 days, with young rats able to reproduce after 12 weeks.
  • Rats are generally nocturnal, but can be seen during the day if there is a close available food source.
  • They are also neophobic, which means that they are very wary of change or something new.

Rat Proofing 

Rats can access buildings through a gap of 2 – 3 inches; they can also gnaw through wood and packaging. As their teeth grow continuously they have to gnaw on what they can find, this may include pipes and wires.


You can help protect your home and business from rats by ensuring you have effective rat proofing measures in place. 

Rat proofing solutions include:

  • Blocking access to holes or cracks in external walls, doors, window frames and pipes
  • Clearing clutter, rubbish, building materials from your garden, shed or outbuildings - basically reducing the number of places rats like to hide
  • Sealing food sources and making sure you clean regularly under kitchen cabinets and bins etc - rats are opportunists and will do anything for an easy meal
  • Store food products above ground-level. 

We operate our rat pest control services throughout Cambridgeshire, Essex and Sufolk, so if you suspect a rat problem in your home or business, contact DRE Pest Control. 


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DRE Pest Control operate an environmentally friendly and humane pest management company and ensure the control of pests is as safe and effective as possible, whilst also aiming to reduce the level of unnecessary stress caused to common pests such as insects, rodents and birds.