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At DRE Pest Control, we provide a pest management and pest prevention consultancy service for your business, farm, restaurant oor school, which includes the following:


  • a provision of detailed reports of any pest survey carried out on the premises to asses the status of your pest problem; we will report on all the pests found and our expert recommendations for the best pest prevention and control measures and discuss any proofing requirements specific to your premises
  • an independent review before or after Auditor visits

We offer pest prevention consultancy services to businesses, either as a one-off consultation or as part of your contractual pest management services package.


We find many of our clients choose our consultancy services because it gives them piece of mind and achievable solutions; enabling them to help manage ongoing pest control at their premises. 

To find out more about our consultation services for pest management or if you would like us to provide a quote for assessing the pest control needs for your premises please contact us.


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