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At DRE Pest Control, we believe that education is vital in ensuring the correct pest control methods and procedures are adhered to all times; and we ensure that each of our BPCA qualified pest control officers are fully trained to administer pest poisons, control a variety of pests and safely remove problem animals, insects and birds for our clients.

We also believe that pest control should be carried out safely and with sensitivity towards the environment and the habitats of the fantastic wildlife that surrounds us.

While we appreciate that many people find insects, vermin and some birds (such as pigeons) to be pests, at DRE Pest Control, we take great care and responsibilty for the pest management measures we use to control pests and aim to avoid causing upset or unnecessary stress to the pests we remove.  

Education is most effective when started early, so if you have a group or class of enthusiastic children from a local school in Cambridge with a fascination for conservation and all things creepy and would be interested in spending some time with us, please contact us with your requirements.

Pest Control companies are often considered to be exterminators, we like to think of ourselves as safeguarding the public, helping local businesses and protecting our beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside from being over run by nuisance pests.


Education and training in pest control

We are very passionate and knowledgeable about our trade and enjoying sharing our enthusiasm with the general public and with those who are interested in the pest control industry.