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DRE Pest Control are a local, friendly and fully qualified Pest Control Company in Cambridge. We pride ourselves on delivering a rapid response pest control service to residents and businesses across Cambridgeshire.


Our Cambridge based pest managment services promise to safely and effectively remove and prevent the invasion of common pests found in homes, gardens and businesses across Cambridgeshire.


Our pest control services cover a range of pest problems. Whether you need us to effectively remove a wasp nest from your loft, get rid of a rat infestation or treat a bed bug problem, contact our Cambridge based Pest Control team today.


  • For a fixed, one-off price, we will ensure that your pest problem is removed to your satisfaction - this may require subsequent visits, which will be included in the initial price, unless otherwise clearly stated.
  • We will book an appointment to see you at your convenience (often within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your call) and promise to successfully eradicate many of the common pest problems experienced in Cambridge such as wasp nests, mice, rats, stored product insects and cockroaches.



Emergency pest control services Cambridge

For more information about our emergency 24/7 Pest Control Service please contact us on 01954 230 708 (between 9am-5pm)